Another In-Place Editor, jQuery Plugin

For more info and downloads please see the google code project page..

If you'd like to see the javascript behind this page, please see js/demo.js.

Example 1 - Standard Text box

This example is with no options except for a callback that will handle the value when the edit is complete.

Example 2 - Text area

This example shows how to call the function and display a textarea instead of a regular text box. A few other options are set as well, including an image saving icon, rows and columns for the textarea, and a different rollover color.

Example 3 - Select Dropdown

How about a select input field so we can limit our options? Yup, just click here.

Example 4 - Using a callback function to update 2 divs

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First div to be updated
Second div to be updated

Example 5 - Using saving animations while updating

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